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Take a look at how CCEDRRN is structured


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides general oversight of the CCEDRRN Network.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee guides day-to-day implementation, operations, and oversees funding of the CCEDRRN Network

Data Access and Management Committee (DAMC)

The Data Access and Management Committee ensures patient privacy and ethical conduct of research conducted within the CCEDRRN Network.

Protocol Review and Publication Committee (PRPC)

The Protocol Review and Publication Committee reviews and approve all proposed writing groups and publications, and reports, as well as make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee is involved with making scientific recommendations to the CCEDRRN Network.

Patient Engagement Committee

The Patient Engagement Committee ensures the voice and perspective of patients are heard throughout the governance of the Network through continued engagement of patient partners in the CCEDRRN Network.

Integrated Knowledge Translation Committee

The Integrated Knowledge Translation Committee develops and executes an integrated knowledge translation strategy to ensure that CCEDRRN knowledge products meet the needs of knowledge users with the CCEDRRN Network.

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