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Patient Engagement Committee


  • Elected chair from among committee members

  • Elected Vice Chair from among committee members

  • One patient partner per province (8) where eligibility is defined as people representing the views of the public and patients or informal caregivers who have had COVID-19 and preferably were seen in the ED during their course of illness or who are at risk for contracting COVID-19 and often seek care in the ED. The Network will strive to include people from diverse backgrounds who represent those most affected by COVID 19, including those at risk (e.g., seniors, people in long-term care or their family, front-line workers, etc.)

  • Member of the EC with investigator knowledge of PE

  • Ex Officio: Chairs or delegates from the PRPC and the IKT


Membership terms will be two-year in length with the possibility of renewal


  1. Ensures the voice and perspective of the patient is heard throughout the governance of the network through continued engagement of patient partners in the Network standing committees

  2. Provides advice directly to the Executive Committee and Steering Committee


  • The patient perspective is considered in the functions of and decisions made by the Network standing committees

  • Patient sensitive approaches to patient facing study related materials and patient recruitment strategies

  • A KT strategy to engage patients and the lay public in the dissemination of CCEDRRN knowledge products

  • Recruit patient partners for input into individual protocols and manuscripts


  • All votes require a minimum quorum of five (5) committee members.  In the absence of quorum, decisions are to be circulated electronically to Committee membership via email with option to revisit decisions, as required. Voting may occur via email.

  • Members must avoid potential conflicts of interest that may arise from financial ties to any commercial concerns likely to be affected by the outcome of the study, or the appearance of a conflict of interest such as a professional or other affiliation that could cause others to question the objectivity of their deliberations.

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