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Patient Information

Since June 2020, CCEDRRN has captured data on over 100,000 patients across Canada that allows the ability to conduct well-powered investigations on specific populations across Canada.

CCEDRRN researchers are currently completing analyses for two clinical decision rules (predicting COVID-19 test positivity & futility of intubation), a diagnostic test evaluation (screening asymptomatic admissions), and studies on gender, co-morbidity and phase of pandemic, which we will publish shortly.

This page will updated with new information as more analyses are completed.


participating patients


weekly records collected


If you visited a participating Emergency Department with symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, your medical data may be included in our study.

You may be called 30-days after your visit to the Emergency Department to ask whether you would like to participate in research.

You may choose to opt-out of the study by contacting the project team at any time.

Martyn​e Audet, MSc. Mcb.A.

All other provinces:
Vi Ho, National Project Coordinator