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Steering Committee


  • Dr. Corinne Hohl – Chair

  • Members of the Executive Committee

  • Member investigators from each participating emergency department

  • Two members from the Patient Engagement Sub-committee

  • SAC Investigators (Ex-officio)


Membership terms will be as long as Member Investigators remain party to the agreement.​

Ad hoc participants may be invited to a meeting of the Registry Steering Committee by the Chair.


  1. Provide oversight for the CCEDRNN network

  2. Provide a forum for collaborative engagement among all site investigators

  3. Design and execute the objectives and direction of the network

  4. Ensure good governance and productive collaborations for the network


  • Responsibility for academic, clinical, ethical and professional oversight of the CCEDRRN

  • Review and oversee the operations of the executive committee and all standing committees

  • Through confidential voting, select members for the standing committees in the event that there are more volunteers than positions available

  • Decide on issues relating to terminations of members and member institutions in breach of terms in the Agreement

  • Collaborate and coordinate with organizational, institutional, and industry partners

  • Develop and adhere to project timelines and milestones

  • Report as required to applicable funding bodies, ethical review boards, regulators, and study partners


  • All votes require a minimum quorum of fifteen (15) of Member Investigators. In the absence of quorum, decisions are to be circulated electronically to Committee membership via email with option to revisit decisions, as required. Voting may occur email.

  • Members must avoid potential conflicts of interest that may arise from financial ties to any commercial concerns likely to be affected by the outcome of the study, or the appearance of a conflict of interest such as a professional or other affiliation that could cause others to question the objectivity of their deliberations.

  • Decisions of the Steering Committee require a majority vote (>50%) of its member investigators; in the event of a tie, the Chair shall have tie-breaking authority


The Registry Steering Committee will be convened periodically, either in-person or via tele/video conference, to be organized by the Registry Chair.

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