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Executive Committee


  • Nominated Principal Investigator (Chair)

  • Elected Vice Chair from among committee members or SAC Investigators

  • Provincial/Regional Lead from every participating province/region (up to the discretion of the province and region)

  • Patient Engagement Committee Chair

  • Protocol Review and Publication Committee Chair

  • Data Access and Management Committee Chair

  • Integrated Knowledge Translation Committee Chair

  • Ex Officio: Site Leads, SAC Investigators, Research Professionals from Member Institutions for specific topics at the discretion of the chair

  • Advisory: UBC Privacy Officer, UBC Legal, UBC Research Ethics Board Chair at the discretion of the Chair


Membership terms will be two-year in length with the possibility of renewal


  1. Guides day-to-day implementation and operations and funding of the network

  2. Accountable for and supports the CCEDRRN standing committees

  3. Seeks national funding opportunities to support the CCEDRRN and distributes funding received to participating sites to support the needs of the network and optimize data collection, supports provincial and regional funding opportunities identified by network Members.

  4. Tracks and approves Registry and Non-registry and Single Site studies in accordance with the Membership Agreement as recommended by PRPC.

  5. Reviews and approves data requests as recommended by DAMC


  • Network Governance

  • Data Requests

  • Publications

  • Network Funding


All votes require a minimum quorum of five (5) committee members. In the absence of quorum, decisions are to be circulated electronically to Committee membership via email with option to revisit decisions, as required. Voting may occur via email.

  • Members must avoid potential conflicts of interest that may arise from financial ties to any commercial concerns likely to be affected by the outcome of the study, or the appearance of a conflict of interest such as a professional or other affiliation that could cause others to question the objectivity of their deliberations.

  • Decisions of the EC require a majority vote (>50%) of its members; in the event of a tie, the Registry Chair shall have tie-breaking authority

  • Members should recuse from the vote if they are the lead study investigator or writing group facilitator or the provincial lead and the vote will have a direct affect on any of this issues.

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