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Integrated Knowledge Translation


  • Elected Chair from among committee members

  • Elected Vice Chair from among committee members

  • Provincial/Regional Lead or provincial delegate/designate

  • Patient partner

  • SAC investigator – knowledge user

  • KT specialist co-investigator

  • Ex-Officio: Advisors including KT partners (e.g. editor of CanadiEM, CAEP leadership


  1. Develop and execute an integrated knowledge translation strategy to ensure that CEDRRN knowledge products meet the needs of knowledge users.

  2. Identify and engage with knowledge users, including patients, public health leaders and clinical leaders to optimize usability of CCEDRRN knowledge products

  3. Advise the EC, SC and PRPC and lead facilitators for approved Registry studies on knowledge dissemination and publication strategies


  • Recommendations to PRPC and SC for target journals and publication strategies for registry studies as defined in the Registry Agreement

  • Identify and engage information visualization specialists to create data visualization tools for CCEDRRN knowledge products

  • Identify and engage with KT partners, including emergency medicine blogs, podcasts and other resources for dissemination of CCEDRRN knowledge products


  • All votes require a minimum quorum of five (5) committee members.  In the absence of quorum, decisions are to be circulated electronically to Committee membership via email with option to revisit decisions, as required. Voting may occur via email.

  • Members must avoid potential conflicts of interest that may arise from financial ties to any commercial concerns likely to be affected by the outcome of the study, or the appearance of a conflict of interest such as a professional or other affiliation that could cause others to question the objectivity of their deliberations.

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